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IT Analyst


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Dátum začiatku

By agreement

Typ zmluvy



3000 - 4000 EUR|month

Short description

We are looking for IT Analyst, who will be involved in managing and developing microservices that power the mobile and Internet banking application.

Job description

• Design a new microservice that receives PDF files and their metadata from a third party, validates the request's authenticity and formal correctness, and stores the valid PDFs in an internal document repository for future use

• Design a new microservice that reads a list of bank-wide code tables and their values from a Kafka topic, stores them in the microservice's database, and exposes a REST API for frontends and other backends that need to access these code tables

• Implement a series of smaller/modular modifications to existing microservices (adding flags, features, attributes, or making slight changes to their behavior)

• These services are mainly written in Java and run on OpenShift

• Specifically, we handle services related to accounts, balances, products, subsidiaries, and general information

• Additionally, we are also developing some microservices for the app, which involves business logic shared across all client's countries, using Kotlin as the preferred language

• Our team has full control over the analysis, development, testing, and production deployment of the "Czech" or local microservices

• The team consists of 9 people and operates based on agile principles


• Working on challenging international project in various teams

• The compensation package in Austria is very attractive

• Covering relocation costs also possible

• A lot of opportunities to boost your career in Austria

• Young team, frequent team building

• Working remote is also possible, when relocation is not possible at once


• Experience in designing REST API services

• Understanding of GET, POST, PUT, DELETE methods

• Differentiating query parameters, headers, and message bodies

• Basic familiarity with JSON syntax

• Awareness of other integration patterns


• Kafka


• Kibana

• Insomnia/soapUI

The position is suitable for candidates with education

university I. degree

university II. degree

university III. degree

education in the field of IT

Language skills

Czech/Slovak - fluent

English - fluent

Number of years of experience

3+ years of experience

Information concerning the recruitment process

• We will give feedback to all candidates invited to the interview

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